Handsling CEXevo cyclocross frame

Handsling CEXevo cyclocross frame

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The first of our in-house designed frames is the new CEXevo cyclocross frame.

Handsling CEXevo


The CEXevo is an evolution of the race and championship winning CEX frame. We wanted to make small improvements to improve performance so looked to improve the material we used to build it, the frame weight, frame stiffness, the mud clearance of the frame and the comfort levels.


The CEXevo is made from Toray 800 series carbon to reduce the weight so is now easier to carry over obstacles and to run with when the going gets really tough.

CEXevo naked frameCEXevo naked frame

Handsling CEXevo naked frame

Frame Weight

Frame weight is 870g for a 52cm frame and 370g for the front fork.


Though lighter, it has lost none of the stiffness of the race winning CEX it replaces. We have added extra carbon where the frame needs it the most.

15mm front and 12mm rear thru axles mean the CEXevo is rock solid under hard efforts making climbing a breeze.

It is a stiff frame - all of your power will definitely go towards forward motion - but it is also a tough frame, well suited to the rigours of cyclocross racing or fast gravel riding.

Handsling CEXevo

Mud Clearance

The Handsling CEXevo has no rear seatstay bridge to give even better mud clearance. With 32 or 33mm cyclocross tyres on there is plenty of clearance to cope with even the muddiest of days.

The CEXevo will even take up to 45mm tyres and so, as well as a serious cyclocross frame, makes a great gravel bike and beach racer.

Handsling CEXevo

Comfort Levels

One benefit of removing the rear brake bridge is that we have vastly improved comfort levels of the CEXevo and increased comfort leaves you fresher for that final sprint to the finish line.

The other area this benefits is in rear wheel traction on loose ground. Its harder to quantify but it is there.


The Handsling CEXevo offers super stable handling to carry you faster, with more confidence, down descents and yet still climbs with all the speed you need.

The relaxed geometry makes it super stable and therefore a doddle to ride fast.

Paired with our new 30mm wide, 40mm deep tubeless wheels or our 28mm wide, 40mm deep tubulars this builds up into a race ready bike that is light and quick but also super comfortable like never before. 


Handsling CEXevo Geometry Chart 2019

Custom Painting

This frame is available custom painted to your own design.

Full Bike Builds

Full bike build prices are available here.

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