Ceramic Bearings


HSCER was founded in 2003 and are expert manufacturers of ceramic bicycle bearings that are of exceptional high quality and are very hard wearing. HSC hybrid ceramic bottom brackets are ideal if you desire a distinguishable performance upgrade over a standard bottom bracket or bearing; HSC make some of the smoothest bearings available.

HSCER ceramic bearings are grade 3 silicon nitride (Si3N4) balls, matched with hardened steel races, and low-friction seals and retainers. The grade of the ball bearings refers to their sphericity; the lower the number, the closer the ball is to being perfectly spherical. The highest quality stainless steel ball used in bicycle applications is rated at grade 25, and many ceramic hybrid manufacturers use grade 5 ceramic balls.

Advantages over standard steel bearings are lighter weight, lower thermal expansion, less deformation under load, lower friction with reduced start and running torques, and reduced wear for longer life. Ceramic bearings allow you to cycle faster and for longer, with reduced effort.

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