Lightweight, super tough UCI-approved carbon frames built for speed off-road


Handsling CEXevo

The versatile, UCI-approved Handsling CEXevo is tough, light and durable, ideal to cope with the rigours of cyclocross racing and fast gravel riding.

Included with CEXevo frameset:

  • Handsling headset 1 1/8th to 1.5"
  • Handsling seatpost clamp
  • Handsling Superlight 12mm thru axles 

The UCI-approved frame is available in five sizes and 15 limited edition colours.

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BSA bottom bracket shell

BSA bottom bracket shell

Toray T800 high-performance carbon 

1 1/8th to 1.5" steerer tube


Clearance for up to 45mm tyres (depending on tyre brand)

12mm thru axles front and rear

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CEXevo Geometry & Dimensions

Carbon frames are manufactured in the Far East using moulds that are owned by Handsling. This provides full control over the production process and makes each and every model exclusive to the brand.

I ride the CEXevo at elite level cyclocross in the UK National Trophy Series. They're super light and stiff, handle well
The bike is light, which helps over cyclocross hurdles, yet stiff enough for good power transfer in differing conditions and terrain.
The CEXevo is amazing; really inspired confidence with stability blended with tight handling.



16 products

Handsling CEXevo frame - Candy RedHandsling CEXevo frame - Candy Red
Handsling CEXevo frame - Candy Red Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Flame OrangeHandsling CEXevo frame - Flame Orange
Handsling CEXevo frame - Flame Orange Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Inca YellowHandsling CEXevo frame - Inca Yellow
Handsling CEXevo frame - Inca Yellow Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Neon GreenHandsling CEXevo frame - Neon Green
Handsling CEXevo frame - Neon Green Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Ocean GreenHandsling CEXevo frame - Ocean Green
Handsling CEXevo frame - Ocean Green Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Team Blue and OrangeHandsling CEXevo frame - Team Blue and Orange
Handsling CEXevo frame - Cobalt BlueHandsling CEXevo frame - Cobalt Blue
Handsling CEXevo frame - Cobalt Blue Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
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Handsling CEXevo frame - BlueberryHandsling CEXevo frame - Blueberry
Handsling CEXevo frame - Blueberry Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Purple RainHandsling CEXevo frame - Purple Rain
Handsling CEXevo frame - Purple Rain Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Petrol PinkHandsling CEXevo frame - Petrol Pink
Handsling CEXevo frame - Petrol Pink Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Oil SlickHandsling CEXevo frame - Oil Slick
Handsling CEXevo frame - Oil Slick Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Obsidian BlackHandsling CEXevo frame - Obsidian Black
Handsling CEXevo frame - GunmetalHandsling CEXevo frame - Gunmetal
Handsling CEXevo frame - Gunmetal Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Silver BulletHandsling CEXevo frame - Silver Bullet
Handsling CEXevo frame – Ice WhiteHandsling CEXevo frame – Ice White
Handsling CEXevo frame – Ice White Sale price£1,699.99 GBP
Handsling CEXevo frame - Pearlescent GreenHandsling CEXevo frame - Pearlescent Green
Very positive experience highly recommend their service and bikes. Took time on my questions and excessive pondering.
I seem to have a long list of things that the Handsling team are helping out with - advice / adjustments / fitting / etc... literally nothing seems too much to ask. So in short - the whole team has been fantastic - at no point has this felt like a 'transaction' - I feel like I've got a 'family' who are as passionate about the sport as I am!
When I ride it on asphalt, I feel like I am on my road bike and when on gravel it feels as stable as a MTB. Cool!

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