Handsling Hookless Tubeless Wheels

Handsling Hookless Tubeless Wheels

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Wide hookless tubeless wheels for Cyclocross, Gravel or Road Cycling.

Handsling Hookless Tubeless Wheels

Cars, motorbikes and mountain bikes use hookless wheels, and it is gaining momentum in cyclocross and gravel. Only road cycling is late to the party but things are changing - road racing pros are starting to embrace tubeless tyres and, when tubeless becomes the norm, it won't be long before riders realise that the hook is superfluous.

Handsling Hookless Tubeless Wheels with cyclocross tyres

If you have decided that tubeless tyres are the way forward, and want to get the maximum performance benefits by using hookless rims, instead of tubeless ready clincher rims, then these wheels are a great place to start.

Handsling hookless, tubeless rims are 30mm and 40mm deep. The extra wide carbon rims are very tough and yet very lightweight.

The rim profile is designed to be aero when combined with wider tubeless road tyres. We recommend 28mm or larger but some 25mm tyres do fit. These rims are also ideal for tubeless cyclocross and gravel tyres.

The rims can handle up to 120psi but we recommend you experiment and try running your road tyres at 70 to 100psi depending upon your weight and see what you think. The extra comfort is a revelation.

For cyclocross we have run these wheels in races as low as 18psi with no burping.

Hookless tubeless 30mm wide 40mm deepFinished in 3k carbon with gloss embossed HANDSLING logos they are of striking appearance and make any bike look amazing.  

Why hookless?

Hookless rims can be made lighter than is possible with hooked clincher rims. Whereas an inner tube applies pressure upwards, trying to lift the tyre off the rim, tubeless tyres exert lateral force against the rim sidewall, negating the need for a hook to secure the tyre.


Expect wheels of between 1480g with a Handsling hubset.


The wide Handsling 30mm rims are very aero when paired with a 28mm tyre, handling the wind really well no matter the wind direction.

Low rolling resistance

These wheels are designed for the wider tubeless road tyres that have been shown to offer the lowest rolling resistance of all tyres. Handsling hookless wheels are also race proven with tubeless cyclocross tyres of 32mm and even wider gravel tyres of up to 45c.


Hookless tubeless technology allows you to run lower pressures, improving ride comfort massively, a factor long overlooked in road riding. Added comfort allows you to finish your ride in much fresher condition meaning you can nail that sprint or final climb and recover better for the next event.

Cornering speed

With wider tyres at lower pressures, these wheels offer improved grip and cornering performance.


  • 40mm deep, 30mm wide carbon rim
  • Light for fast acceleration
  • Strong for impact absorption
  • Wide for improved aerodynamics
  • Hookless for use with the latest tubeless tyres
  • No braking surface
  • Ideal for supporting wider tyres in cyclocross and gravel, and the new road tubeless tyres that promise lower rolling resistance

Made up into wheels in the UK by master wheelbuilder, Ian lynch, using the superb Pillar Wing20 or Sapim cx-ray spokes with disc hubs of your choice. 

Choose from a variety of hub options.

Please state if you want 12mm thru axles, or 15mm front / 12mm rear, or QR.

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