Handsling Bikes

Handsling Bikes

Lightweight, high quality carbon bike frames in your choice of custom colour scheme
Carbon wheels, ceramic bearings, pulleys and bottom brackets and other niche accessories

Customised Personalised Paint Schemes

A Handsling frame allows you to be an individual and stand out from the crowd, with a totally unique, custom colour scheme personalised to you available on all frames.

Tell us what you want, our designer will produce a mock-up for you and 6 weeks later, you'll be riding around on a totally unique product.

All Handsling frames are painted at source by the factory, using either a hard wearing, easy clean paint with a matt finish, or alternatively a tough, full gloss finish.
We can offer a 'club kit matching service', designed to perfectly match your frame colours to your club's clothing - just send us the required pantone numbers.


All Handsling Bikes frames are manufactured to our specification in Toray carbon. We make each frame from scratch to order. If you want something different, such as a particular bottom bracket, we can make it for you.

Race Proven Frames

All Handsling frames are tested in the same way by our very experienced racing team, which boasts ex-professionals, national and regional champions, and by other international level riders that we sponsor.
Our frames have finished the likes of Paris-Roubaix (the race not the sportive) and won National Championships.
Their feedback is essential as to whether we actually sell a frame in the first place or make changes to it.
For instance, we recently redesigned the front fork of the A1R0 model for better performance and aesthetics, and adapted the bottom bracket of the RR1 to make it stronger.
Note all prices include UK VAT. Email us for non-UK prices.

Why buy Handsling?

Learn how Handsling achieved real world aerodynamic performance.