Handsling Wheels

Handsling wheels came into being as a result of our frustration at not being able to find quality carbon rimmed wheels at a reasonable price. Consequently we aim to provide wheels that are as good as wheels that are more than twice the price, but with the added benefit of knowing exactly who built them.
Ian Lynch, master wheelbuilder at work
Handsling wheels have been ridden to world, national and regional titles. Before 2019, we did not label our wheels, for fear of their distracting attention away from the Handsling frames business. When Ian Lynch came on board in 2018, we decided to bring our wheels out of the shadows.
Ian Lynch wheelbuilder at work
About Handsling Wheels

Do you know who made your wheels? Not which company, but which person? All Handsling wheels are built by hand in the UK by master wheelbuilder, Ian Lynch. He is the most obsessive person we know. Everything has to be just right - perfect actually - otherwise he will not accept it. He talks for hours about spoke lengths, nipples, off-sets, tensions, forces, etc. He knows his stuff and it is all about the details with Ian...
Ian Lynch wheelbuilder at work
Wheelbuilding used to be thought of as some sort of dark art but Ian works in another way. He doesn't rely on feel to build a wheel, only science and fact. Everything is planned in advance, calculated in minute detail and then put together using only the best precision tooling.
Ian Lynch wheelbuilder at work
For example, unable to find anything suitable on the market, he went as far as to develop his own software in order to help him build better wheels. It helps calculate spoke lengths and record tensions for different combinations of various rims and hubs. It even calculates the weight of various combinations so we can give you an idea of that special wheelset's final weight.
Ian Lynch wheelbuilder at work
In order to provide a better service to clients down the line, Ian uses this software to record the tension of every spoke, in every wheel he builds. Think about that: he can tell you the exact tension of a particular spoke in a particular wheel.
Ian Lynch wheelbuilder at work
Every rim we produce has a unique serial number embedded in so each wheelset is traceable and Ian provides a certificate of proof with each wheel he builds. Its all about the details. Details, details.


Our rims are built by a specialist rim manufacturer. They do not build frames, just rims. We chose to work with them as they are the best at what they do and their rim quality is second to none. They only use Toray carbon when making Handsling rims and they are one of the few OEM manufacturers to have UCI approved rims of their own. As with our frames, Handsling rims are built right alongside rims for some of the biggest wheel brands in the world.


We used to use the excellent Sapim cx-ray spokes in all of our wheels and had done since 2015. Strong, light and aero, they were the best in the business. But things move on and Pillar recently introduced the Wing20. It is stronger, stiffer, lighter and more aerodynamic than anything else out there. So we switched. They are tricky to work with due to their oval shape but the benefits are clear to see. They contribute to a better, faster wheel.

Handsling Hubs

Our hubs are made by one of the largest hub manufacturers in the business. They are fast and reliable, and have a simple, stress free design. The rear hub features 6 pawls instead of the usual 4 resulting in more immediate pick up. They are lighter than anything else we could find on the market and they are very easy to service.

The Handsling hubs are super cool, black and have the round HANDSLING headtube logo laser etched in silver onto every hub.
Ian Lynch wheelbuilder at work