How to Order

How to Order

 1) Choose a frame

 2) Choose a colour - either Handsling Racing Team blue/orange or carbon/orange/blue, or specify your own colour combination (2 colours) for FREE - anything goes, matt or gloss finish.

3) Make sure you specify a bottom bracket type

4) Choose some wheels if you need them...

5) ...and add a groupset and finishing kit

6) Place order and pay using bank transfer or via credit card or debit card.


When ordering a full bike you can pay in three stages.

The initial deposit payment of 50% secures your order, initiates the production of your frame and its custom painting. 

One month later we will contact you for another payment of 25%, and finally when your bike is ready, 6 - 8 weeks after you placed the order, we will be in touch for a final payment of 25%. At this point we will ship the bike to you.

For example, if the frame is £1199, you would pay £600 deposit, and then £300 after 30 days. Finally a payment of £299 is payable prior to shipping, 6 - 8 weeks after your initial order.

Or if the bike you like cost £3500, you would pay a deposit of £1750 up front to start your order, and then another £875 after 4 weeks. Finally when your custom painted frame is ready and built up, a final £875, at which point we will ship your complete custom bike.


Quality Control 

All frames undergo rigorous quality control so we can guarantee the quality of product, as we will never send out a less than perfect frame.



We can ship Handsling Bikes to anywhere in the world. Email us for details.



We are very confident in the quality of our frames and offer a 2 year full warranty on all frames and a new for old policy if the fault is due to a manufacturing defect.



You can pay in a variety of ways - debit, credit card or bank transfer.



Frames that have not been built up and are unused can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. If you are sending a frame back make sure nothing is fitted to it and be sure to package it properly for shipping back to us to avoid damage.