Handsling Aero Helmet

Handsling Aero Helmet

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We already had the popular Superlight helmet but when we asked the Handsling Racing team what they wanted, they all said, "We need an aero lid!"


It had to be:

  • aero
  • lightweight
  • well vented
  • safe

So here it is and this is a fast helmet! The shape is very aero with a very low, very aerodynamic drag coefficient. It is specifically designed to save you watts and time over any race distance.

Despite being a slippery lid, the Aero still weighs in at just 235g (S/M).

The 2 huge vents in the front of the Aero means that air is pushed through and over your head to exit via one of 5 rear ports, to keep you cool in the hottest of situations.

The light weight of just 235g does not come at the expense of protection and the Aero complies to the CE-EN1078 safety standard.

The thick PC (polycarbonate) shell and special US made EPS (expanded polystyrene) are mated together using in-mould techniques to make a seamless helmet and ensure maximum longevity and strength, plus uniform deformation in the event of an accident.

There is an adjustable rear dial that controls the wrap around head positioning system and a nylon chin strap keeps everything in place when you are on the limit. 

Finally to keep our fashion conscious riders happy we went for black but, to make sure they are safe and easily seen while riding on the busy roads of the UK, Norway and Spain, we opted for a bright 'safety' orange stripe down the centre.

It looks pretty cool.

Currently available in Handsling black, orange and blue.