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The Handsling Aerosuit and Handsling Silicone Edge Skinsuit are designed for going fast and to help to shave precious seconds off your personal best, whether in the wind out on a TT course, battling shoulder to shoulder in a crit race, or sliding your bike on the mud in a cross race.

The aerosuit features a specially striped fabric that is designed to generate turbulence nearest the body and in so doing channel airflow more quickly across the body, greatly improving a rider's aerodynamics.

The skinsuit is more traditional and features full, smooth lycra construction, so that it clings to your body, thus minimising rider profile and in so doing, maximising rider aerodynamics.

The silicone tape gripper keeps the aerosuit and skinsuit in place at all times.

Both suits employ the HD Ergo seat pad from La Fonte that will keep you comfortable at speed.

Both suits are available as long sleeve or short sleeve versions.

Skinsuits have collars (as in the illustration) whereas the aerosuits have a low cut neck.


Style: Aerosuit Short Sleeves
Size: XS
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Learn how Handsling achieved real world aerodynamic performance.


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