Handsling HDL Fat Bike

Handsling HDL Fat Bike

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The Handsling HDL fat bike frame is all about having some serious fun out on the trail. From getting air on a purpose built trail to venturing off-piste onto the moors or into snowy woodland or flying across a sandy beach, this frame is on it.
We took our time to develop this frame, snapping a few development frames in the process until we finally had something we were happy with.
The geometry has been specially chosen to provide excellent handling characteristics, with the relatively short rear triangle placing the emphasis on manoeuvrability.
Handsling have been selling this frame as a white label frame to other brands for a while now. The full carbon frame is tough enough to handle the most punishing terrain and has even been raced at the top level.

The HDL can be provided with or without a rigid carbon fork. Here we have teamed it up with a Rockshox Bluto RCT3 100mm fork.

The frame is available custom painted to your specification and design.

Bottom bracket width is 120mm and rear spacing is 197mm. There's clearance for 5" tyres.

From laying it over into a berm to climbing a rocky crag or traversing a shallow river bed, this bike can do it all. It builds up into a light trailbike for having fun and exploring just about anywhere!

We can offer full bike builds. Just work out your ideal spec and we can give you a quote, or if you want advice, we can suggest a build. Email us for details.