Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels
Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels

Handsling Off-set Tubeless Wheels

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The Handsling Off-set Tubeless wheels are among the most advanced wheels with two special features:

First a slight off-set for the spoke holes to produce a more balanced wheel, better able to deal with the forces associated with the disc brake at the front and a wide cassette at the rear. 

Secondly, the rim has a semi-hookless design, with a new bead lock system characterised by a noticeable inward curve to the rim edge, which is designed to provide better support to tubeless tyres at higher pressures.

Handsling Off-set Hookless Tubeless

Feature Details

The rims are in excess of 30mm wide at their widest point and have a toroidal shape to aid aerodynamics. The spoke holes are off-set by 2.5mm from centre to improve strength and durability. The rims are semi-hookless and have an internal width of 21mm to 22mm.

Available in a variety of depths, they are the most advanced tubeless solution for road racing and sportive riders looking to enjoy the many benefits of tubeless tyres and light, aerodynamic rims. They will also work well for cyclocross and gravel riders looking for a very strong wheel that will take a lot of punishment.

Handsling off-set hookless tubeless wheels


The wide rim profile is well behaved in cross winds and offers aerodynamic performance no matter the yaw angle (wind direction). They work particularly well with the latest asymmetric, truncated aero frame tube profiles.

The rims are at their widest - 30mm - quite close to the outside edge, before tapering back to 28mm at the rim edge to form a more aerodynamic transition into the tyre.

They are optimised for 28mm tyres but will work with 25mm tyres and with wider tyres from 32mm cross tyres to 45mm gravel tyres.

Recommended maximum tyre pressure is 90psi and max rider weight is 120kgs.

Handsling off-set hookless tubeless wheels


Off-set wheel rims are available in 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 55mm depths. As standard we prefer a slightly shallower front and a deeper (+5mm) rear with our Handsling hub. For those interested in aesthetics, the extra 5mm at the rear is barely noticeable front to rear, but there is a slight advantage to handling on windy days, with more control of the front wheel and an aerodynamic benefit to the rear, where the slightly deeper rim can work in conjunction with aero tube shapes.





Note however, that any combination is possible. Remember that rim depth is always a trade off between aerodynamics and comfort. Contrary to what you may think, weight is not really a huge factor as you expend far more energy pushing wheels through the air than accelerating them up to speed; even in the mountains, total mass of rider and bike is more relevant than wheel weight specifically. Rim depth depends upon riding style and conditions. A shallow rim will afford more comfort and handle much better on windy days. A deeper rim will be more aerodynamic but will give a harsher ride and be tougher to keep under control in windy conditions.

 Handsling off-set hookless tubeless wheels


The rims are very strong and the off-set spokes make tough wheels that can handle a lot of abuse. The semi-hookless rims can be made lighter than clincher rims, using less material thanks the lack of a pronounced hook. Handsling worked hard with our factory to make the rims as lightweight as possible without compromising strength.

Rim weights are as follows:

40mm - 400g (+/- 10g)

45mm - 435g

50mm - 455g

55mm - 485g

Wheelset weights are as follows (all weights with Handsling hubs):

40mm/45mm - 1432g

45mm/50mm - 1495g

50mm/55mm - 1532g

Rider weight limit is 120kgs.

Handsling off-set hookless tubeless wheels


Finished in matt UD carbon with gloss, embossed HANDSLING logos they are of striking appearance and make any bike look amazing. 


 Handsling off-set hookless tubeless wheels


Handsling Off-set Hookless Tubeless Wheels Summary


  • 30mm wide carbon rim
  • Toroidal shape for aerodynamic efficiency
  • Optimised aerodynamically for 25 to 28mm road tyres
  • Lightweight rims for lower rotating weight and faster acceleration
  • Off-set spokes form stronger wheels for better impact absorption
  • Wide rim profile for improved aerodynamics in all conditions
  • Hookless rims for use with the latest tubeless tyres
  • Disc specific rim without a braking surface
  • Ideal for supporting the new wider road tubeless tyres that promise lower rolling resistance and improved cornering


We recommend the superbly fast Handsling hubs which are 6 pawl providing quick engagement and use an anti-bite system on the cassette body for added longevity. You can, however, choose from a range of hubs from DT Swiss, Shimano, Campagnolo and Miche on request. Email simon@handslingbikes.com for a quote.

Handsling Hubs

Spokes are top of the range, best in class aero Pillar Wing20 - it has been proven to be the stiffest, strongest most aero spoke out there - or Sapim cx-ray spokes if you prefer.

We carry a good stock of wheels, and aim to ship the next day. If we do not have what you want in stock, wheels can be made to order by Ian Lynch, but please allow a week for the build and delivery.

All Handsling wheels are guaranteed against manufacturing and wheelbuilding defects under a limited lifetime warranty. Our warranty philosophy is that we are cyclists selling products to other cyclists, and we need to look after each other.

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"I am blown away by the performance of the bike in all situations flats, descents, acceleration and even more astonished by the improvement in my climbing... friends are now questioning what has happened to their performance! In total transparency I tell them “it’s not me, it’s the bike”."

"I have finally today finished building my Handsling. I’m just back from its first ride. And WOW. What a great bike. So smooth yet fast and stiff. Can’t wait to get out and ride it some more over the weekend. You really have designed a great bike here. As I say blown away with how it rides. It rides as well maybe even slightly better than my S works tarmac haha."

"I was looking for a high-performance road bike for amateur races and triathlons, but also club rides and blasting around the local lanes. I just don’t get how they made A1R0evo so stiff and responsive, but also so comfortable. I went for 28c tyres and the bike ploughs through road debris and potholes. The ride is assured and comes alive when you’re going full gas.”

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