Tubular Road Wheels

Tubular Road Wheels

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Still the wheels of choice of pros and top amateur racers, if you want to get the most out of your race bike, then tublars are the way to go.

They are light, very aero and fast, developed for the Handsling Racing team riders that wanted super lightweight tubulars with the latest, wide profile rims, and use these wheels in road races, crits, time-trials and in cyclocross.

Wheels are lightweight with the 40mm wheels weighing approximately 1246g and the 56mm weighing 1356g (+/-10g).

All wheels are built by professional, experienced wheel builders to the closest of tolerances. 

All wheels come with carbon brake blocks, skewers and use 11-speed hubs but include a spacer for use with a 10-speed cassette.



  • Very wide rims at 27mm
  • Wide rims for improved aero performance and to create a better tyre profile, enhancing cornering grip and speed
  • U-shaped aero profile that works well no matter which direction the wind is coming from
  • Rims are light
    • 360g for the front and 385g for the rear at 40mm depth
    • 430g/425g at 56mm depth
  • Toughened basalt braking surface for better braking performance, especially in the wet, and reduced wear to brake track
  • The wheels are available in three depths:
    • 40mm, lightweight and great for all types of riding,
    • 56mm, ideal where you want a more of an aero ride,
    • 86mm, for time trials or flat criterium races



    • Made by a Taiwanese company called Chosen
    • Superbly fast, smooth and durable
    • Lightweight at 80g for the front and 213g for the rear
    • Use easily replaced or upgraded cartridge bearings



    • Top of the range, aero Sapim cx-ray spokes


    Note that all Handsling Bikes wheels are made to order so please allow between 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

    All Handsling Bikes' wheels are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.