Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels
Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels

Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels

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Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels are specifically designed for cyclocross or gravel cycling. They are our toughest, do-it-all wheelset, with our team riders racing them off-road in cyclocross and gravel events, but with some also using them in road races.

Hookless rims are the norm in mountain biking, and are commonplace now in cyclocross and gravel. Even road cycling is starting to embrace tubeless tyres and hookless rims. If you have decided that tubeless tyres are the way forward, and want to get the maximum performance benefits by using hookless then these wheels are what you need.

Handsling Hookless Tubeless Gravel/CX Wheels are 30mm wide and 40mm deep, and are very tough and lightweight. With a 24mm wide internal width, the rim profile is designed to be combined with big volume tubeless tyres, so is ideal for 32mm tubeless cyclocross tyres and 35 to 45mm gravel tyres, but equally works really well with 28mm to 32mm road tyres.

While we wouldn't recommend it, in testing these super tough wheels handled up to 120psi and for cyclocross we have run these wheels in races as low as 18psi with no burping - our team riders say they feel like fast tubulars in 'cross races.

Finished in 3k carbon with gloss embossed HANDSLING logos they are of striking appearance and make any bike look amazing.  

Why hookless?

Whereas an inner tube applies pressure upwards, trying to lift the tyre off the rim, tubeless tyres exert lateral force against the rim sidewall, negating the need for a hook to secure the tyre.


Expect wheels of around 1485g with a Handsling hubset. Hookless rims can be made lighter and stronger than hooked rims.


The wide Handsling 30mm rims are aero when paired with a 28mm+ tyre, handling really well no matter the wind direction. We do not recommend running with tyres less than 28mm.

Low rolling resistance

These wheels are designed for the wider tubeless road tyres that have been shown to offer the lowest rolling resistance of all tyres. 


Hookless tubeless allows you to run lower pressures, improving grip over tricky terrain, in muddy conditions or when cornering.


These lower pressures improve ride comfort massively, a factor long overlooked in road riding especially. Added comfort allows you to finish your ride in much fresher condition meaning you can nail that sprint or final climb and recover better for the next event.

Cornering speed

By offering extra support to the wider tyres, even at lower pressures, these wheels offer improved grip and cornering performance.


  • 40mm deep, 30mm wide carbon rim
  • Light for fast acceleration
  • Strong for impact absorption
  • Wide for improved aerodynamics with big volume tyres
  • Hookless for use with the latest tubeless tyres
  • No braking surface
  • Ideal for supporting wider tyres in cyclocross and gravel, and the new road tubeless tyres that promise lower rolling resistance

Made up into wheels in the UK by master wheelbuilder, Ian lynch, using the superb Pillar Wing20 or Sapim cx-ray spokes with Handsling disc hubs or a hub of your choice. Please state if you want 12mm thru axles, or 15mm front / 12mm rear, or QR.

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"I am blown away by the performance of the bike in all situations flats, descents, acceleration and even more astonished by the improvement in my climbing... friends are now questioning what has happened to their performance! In total transparency I tell them “it’s not me, it’s the bike”."

"I have finally today finished building my Handsling. I’m just back from its first ride. And WOW. What a great bike. So smooth yet fast and stiff. Can’t wait to get out and ride it some more over the weekend. You really have designed a great bike here. As I say blown away with how it rides. It rides as well maybe even slightly better than my S works tarmac haha."

"I was looking for a high-performance road bike for amateur races and triathlons, but also club rides and blasting around the local lanes. I just don’t get how they made A1R0evo so stiff and responsive, but also so comfortable. I went for 28c tyres and the bike ploughs through road debris and potholes. The ride is assured and comes alive when you’re going full gas.”

"Just wanted to follow up now that it's been almost six months since I received the A1R0evo, weather is starting to turn for the better and I have been able to get out and ride more consistently with the earlier sunrises. The new bike rides great! I've been having a blast and riding much faster on my solo training rides which the new rig. I am very pleased indeed."

Why choose us?

The Handsling Philosophy

Handsling manufacture quality products that are designed to be high performing, demonstrated by winning a couple of world titles, over 20 national championships and numerous regional championships, and yet tough enough for amateur racing and riding, where a new frame from a team car is not an option... 

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