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2023 Price Freeze

Applies to select A1R0evo and CEXevo models

Aero Road Bike

A1R0evo - Stiff, Robust, Lightweight

track bike

TR3evo - Race Proven in Elite Competition

Cyclocross / gravel

CEXevo - Light, Tough, Versatile

Handsling Bikes

Manufacturer of direct to consumer, high performance, carbon fibre bicycles & wheels based in Hampshire, UK.

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A1R0evo and CEXevo sale

Handsling has frozen prices on select SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo models for a limited time in 2023. Contact

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Go Gravelling This Winter

UCI-approved CEXevo ready to be custom-built with SRAM Force XPLR, SRAM Rival XPLR and Campagnolo Ekar groupsets.

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In stock from £3,299.99

TR3evo Shimano Dura-Ace

UCI-approved carbon track frame with top level Shimano components and Handsling track wheels

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