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Handsling TSTRevo

'TSTRevo (pronounced TESTER-evo)'

Handsling has spent the past year developing the TSTRevo, a dedicated speed machine designed to help riders slice through the air in time-trials and triathlons. A tester is a traditional term for a cyclist competing in solo events against the clock.

The frame is UCI-approved and utilises cutting edge aerodynamics. Every tube profile is aerodynamically optimised to help set that new personal best time.

The quest for speed is aided by a bespoke, fully adjustable, carbon time trial bar helping riders to reduce their frontal area and further cheat the wind.

Importantly, despite its aerodynamic shape, the frame still has exceptional stiffness, so that every watt of rider power is directed into forward motion.

Contact us for more information: tel. 01420 612700 or email sales@handslingbikes.com

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Aero carbon seatpost is bespoke to the frame

Frame quality

Internal EPS moulds enhance carbon compaction, resulting in a lighter, tougher frame

High-performance carbon

Toray T800 carbon is stiff, lightweight and durable


Deep tube profiles are aero in a wide variety of conditions.


Dropped seatstays reduce frontal area, enhancing aerodynamic performance

TSTRevo Geometry & Dimensions

Carbon frames are manufactured in the Far East using moulds that are owned by Handsling. This provides full control over the production process and makes each and every model exclusive to the brand.



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Handsling TSTRevo frameHandsling TSTRevo frame
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