About Handsling Bikes


About Handsling Bikes

Handsling Bikes Ltd produce high quality carbon bicycle frames for road cycling, triathlon, track racing, cyclocross, and mountain biking. These are available in Handsling Racing Team colours or as custom painted frames. We can also provide fully built bikes.

What is a 'Handsling'? 

The Handsling is a feature of some of track cycling's most spectacular events - the Madison and the Six Day races - where riders help their teammates back into the race by grabbing their hand and literally slinging them into the fray. A handsling provides a 'helping hand up to speed' for your team-mate in these events. With Handsling Bikes our aim is to offer the customer a helping hand to get the best quality carbon frame, whether for road, track, x-country mountain biking or cyclocross.

What else does Handsling do?

We are cycling fanatics, having raced bikes for over 25 years and been involved in cycling media for over 10 years. We spend our time reading about, writing about, talking about and riding about on bikes. 

Handsling consists of Handsling Consulting, Handsling Digital Publishing, the Handsling Racing Team and Handsling Bikes. In 2010 we launched Handsling Media which was involved in cycling events and sponsorship sales. Handsling Consulting provides sales consultancy service specific to the cycling and action sports markets within the UK and Europe. 

Handsling Digital Publishing Ltd publish online cycling magazines with the product review site, CycleTechReview.com, and the epic rides site, BritishCycleSport.com, as well as other online projects on a contract basis.

The Handsling Racing Team

We have sponsored The Handsling Racing Team over the last 4 seasons. The team will ride Handsling Bikes throughout the 2015 season. Handsling Racing competes in road races, circuit races and town centre criteriums, track meets, time trials, cyclocross and mountain bike x-country races, mostly in the UK and Norway, though our riders do get about a bit. In 2014 they were winning races in the UK, Australia, Majorca and California. The team consists of many riders who have raced at Elite level in the UK, France, Italy and the USA, plus an ex-national champion and an ex-pro.

Why Handsling Bikes? 

The Handsling Racing Team riders want the best bikes and at the heart of every good modern race bike is a quality carbon frame. Collectively, we know a lot about bikes and we know what makes a good bike, so we set out to develop the best carbon race frames we could for the team.  

Who makes the bikes? 

Like just about every other bike manufacturer, we manufacture all of our frames in China where there's a deep pool of talented carbon manufacturers; China made over 90% of the world's carbon bike frames in 2014.

All the products are produced by carbon manufacturing experts in one of three high end facilities in Shenzen Province in China, home of the bike world's best carbon experts. We have control over five aspects of production: 

1) The amount of carbon we put into each frame. This is known as differential carbon lay-up. The technicians use the correct amount of carbon to suit rider weight and power output. Two riders of the same height will usually ride the same sized frame, but if one rider weighs 85kgs, they will need a more resilient frame than the other rider who weighs just 65kgs.

2) The type of carbon used which, though there's a vast array to choose from, is Toray T700 and T800. This is high performance carbon, making light and stiff frames, but is also robust and best suited to amateur riders. We are not World Tour riders and can't just magic up a new frame if we crash, so durability is an important consideration when buying a carbon frame.

3) The type of bottom bracket specced which is mostly BB86 and BB386, though we can also supply English threaded (BSA) bottom brackets or BB30, and we have used BB92 in the MTB frames. 

4) The finish which is usually UD with the choice of a matt or gloss finish over your custom paint

5) The painting of the frames. As standard they are available in one of three Handsling Racing Team paint schemes - matt black, or blue, or orange - but we also specialise in  custom colour schemes to match your taste or your team kit.

Are they any good? 

Well, we don't just pootle around gingerly on these frames, we race them in Elite level races and literally thrash the life out of them; sometimes we crash them and smash them, that's all part of racing. But it means we know how good they are from the inside out and we are confident we have a set of great racing frames. That's why we can offer a 2 year warranty on every frame.

Should you buy one?

Having found the best product for our team riders, we soon found that other cyclists wanted them as well and so Handsling Bikes was born. Our team riders love the frames. We love these frames. You'll love yours as well, especially once you have a frame painted just the way you want it...