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Origins of the Handsling brand

Handsling started off as a media publishing company that promoted its business by sponsoring the London-based Handsling Racing Team.

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Race proven bikes

When the Handsling Racing Team's bike sponsorship expired, the team owner looked to manufacture his own frames and approached one of the world's leading carbon manufacturing facilities, as used by a top pro team. The resultant frames were an immediate hit, winning multiple races.


The bike brand is born

When other riders started to request replica bikes, it led to the formation of Handsling Bikes as a limited company. The model line up included the RR1 and A1R0 road frames, TR1 track frame, and CXC cyclocross frame. Handsling sponsored a young Fred Wright with the RR1, and over the next few years championship titles followed with Oscar Nilsson-Julien, Graham Crow, Allan Davis, Catherine Coley, and Charlotte Cole-Hossain. Thomas Burnett claimed the South-East regional cyclocross championships.


Relocation and expansion

In 2018, Handsling relocated from London to Hampshire, allowing further expansion, with a larger workshop and more staff.

New investment meant that Handsling could design its own new, unique frames and purchase the moulds used to manufacture those frames.


New frame launches

Handsling released three in-house designed frames: the A1R0evo for road, the TR3evo on the track, and the CEXevo for cyclocross and gravel.

The TR3evo immediately displayed its race credentials at the UCI World Track Championships in the hands of Amber Joseph of Barbados.


Covid 19 pandemic

Handsling was hard hit during the pandemic, with frames stuck overseas in the factory, followed by a shortage of groupsets.

However, Handsling emerged stronger from the pandemic, moving into new, even larger premises and ramping up production.


Business and race success

Strong Handsling brand recognition led to increased worldwide sales with bikes shipped throughout the UK and Europe, plus Scandanavia, Japan, South Africa, Australia, the Carribean, USA and Canada, Israel and the Middle East.

2021 was an excellent year for TR3evo riders on the track. At the European Track Championships, GB's Josh Giddings won gold medals in the team pursuit and Madison, and Amber Joseph raced at the 2021 Track Cycling World Championships in Roubaix.


Pro team sponsorship

Handsling sponsored its first pro team, Chaney Windows & Doors Cycling in the USA and the team racked up 16 medals at the US National Track Championships.

Later that year, Handsling became a headline sponsor, as the bike supplier to the DAS-Handsling Women's UCI Continental Team. The top ranked women's team in the UK provides a platform for young talent to develop at elite level.


On track with new frames

Handsling is launching a host of new frames. A dedicated time trial frame, the TSTRevo will be raced by the DAS-Handsling pro team, and after being withdrawn during the Covid pandemic, Handsling is relaunching the TR2evo in sprint and pursuit guise.

Also in the pipeline is a new aero gravel frame and an all-road frame.

Where does the name 'Handsling' come from?

The Handsling is a feature of some of track cycling's most spectacular events - the Madison and the Six Day races - where riders help their teammates back into the race by grabbing their hand and literally slinging them into the fray. This handsling provides a 'helping hand up to speed' for your team-mate in these events. With Handsling, the aim is to offer customers a helping hand to the best riding experience and to support them on their cycling journey.

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Race Proven

Handsling's UCI-approved frames are ridden at the highest level of elite cycling. Handsling is the official bike supplier to the CWD Cycling and DAS-Handsling teams