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Handsling-mounted CWD Cycling reflects on inaugural season

Handsling-mounted CWD Cycling reflects on inaugural season

Handsling mounted CWD Cycling have just completed their first season as a pro cycling team. Based in the US and led by multiple US track champion John Croom (pictured above), they have had a stunning debut season. Highlights include winning 16 medals at the 2022 US Track National Champs. The team has big plans for 2023. They're starting a women's squad and have signed up GB's Will Perrett and Canadian Mathias Guillemette, who both featured strongly at the UCI Track Champions League. 

Q: Overall, how would you sum up the inaugural season of CWD Cycling?

A: I would sum it up by saying we did exactly what we wanted to do and more!

Q: What have been the season highs and lows?

A: Highs: we retained some national titles along with being one of the top UCI teams in the world. Our lows are that we still are having fight and prove for some high level events due to politics.

 Q: What have been the most important lessons learned?

A: Never give up. This team was a last ditch effort for some us in the sport and really paid off and saved our careers. I am so thankful to Handsling for believing in the project when it was just on a sheet of paper. 

Q: How are you aiming to improve ahead of next season? 

A: Easy - bringing women into the program. We have two women (Bethany Mastick and Maddy Godby) who will be joining us for the 2023 season and taking on the Nations Cup scene. Our main goals for next season are the Nationals, Nation Cup and hour records. 

Q: How is your own role within the team changing as you step away from racing? A: It puts me more focused on the day to day but also gives me the opportunity to put my focus into make sure everything runs to standard.

Q: What's your impression of the Handsling frames after riding them for a year? 

A: They are world class. Handsling provided us with three frames - gravel, road and track. They all performed in every department. 

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