Handsling Bikes A1R0 feature on CycleTechReview.com

Handsling Bikes A1R0 feature on CycleTechReview.com

Handsling Bikes A1R0

We take a look at the Handsling Bikes A1R0 aero road frame

Nowadays every bike company has to have an aero frame and for many, the aerodynamic advantages of these frames makes them the number one choice for a variety of fast road work, criteriums, road racing, time-trials and triathlons, where a simple switch of the handlebars helps cover all events. But the reputation of aero frames has suffered particularly for lacking lateral stiffness, so recent developments have seen a middle ground adopted, and this is one such frame, the appropriately named Handsling Bikes A1R0, simply pronounced ‘aero’…

All Handsling Bikes frames are made to order and the A1R0 is currently offered in either Toray T800 or the more economical T700 carbon, though no one has, as of yet, ordered it in T700. Handsling do not currently manufacture in T1000 or similar grade carbons, as though you can produce lighter frames, the longevity is greatly affected; not an issue for a sponsored rider perhaps but not so great for those spending their own money.


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