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Graham's first race on his RR1

Graham's first race on his freshly built up RR1 with Ultegra Di2 groupset was a 2/3 cat Surrey League race...
Handsling Bikes RR1
"The weather has been somewhat wet recently, therefore it was a surprise to be dry, given the muggy atmosphere and perfectly still conditions. It looked like the heavens could open any second.
The course was an undulating 4 mile circuit around Seale, Surrey. With a few short climbs, a couple of long descents and a couple of tight turns.

The race was to be 50 miles in distance (12 laps).
After the neutralised roll out the race started at a frantic pace, with many attacks being made - this was due to the shorter race distance. I remarked to another rider that it felt like a criterium!
To be honest, most of the attacks were made by myself, but I was being closely marked by the peloton.
After about 2/3rds race distance Warren Jesse pinged off the front, the peloton didn't react, probably thinking this would amount to nothing and would be brought back. Then Michael Coyle of Brighton Mitre put in an effort to join him.
At the time I was resigned to thinking the race was going to be a bunch sprint and sat in hoping that the escapee's would be brought back.
This wasn't to be, and as I sensed the pelotons speed slow I made another attack. This time it stuck and I was joined by 2 other riders. We worked together and managed a small gap.
After the last turn, up to the finish line, I attacked my 2 other breakaway companions, the peloton was closing rapidly on us.
I managed 6th place as a couple of the stronger sprinters from the peloton swooped past on the line. A great result for me, given the amount of effort that I put in!
Top ten standings
  1. Warren Jesse - Team Moore Fitness RC
  2. Michael Coyle - Brighton Mitre CC
  3. Matthew Lansley - RP Racing Team
  4. Harry Veale -
  5. Jack Donaldson - Neon-Velo Cycling Team
  6. Graham Crow - Handsling Racing
  7. Dominic Clegg - Paceline RT
  8. Richard Unwin - VC Meudon
  9. Adam Moore - Team Moore Fitness RC
  10. Declan Egan - Cadence Cycling Performance

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