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Osteopath Happy with his RR1

Osteopath Happy with his RR1

Osteopath Alan got in touch to let us know how he was getting on with his new Handsling Bikes RR1.

He says, "I did a 120km training ride 2 weeks ago at these settings and all was good. Last weekend, I did the London Revolution and everything was perfect - I even saw one other Handsling bike!"

"This bike is most definitely a significant upgrade for me - not so much in price but in how it feels like to ride. The electronic gears are a dream to use and extremely easy to calibrate. The carbon frame and wheels make the ride sure, responsive and noticeably quicker, both down and uphill."
"I wholeheartedly recommend this bike and Simon couldn't have been more helpful."
Thanks Alan.
If you need an Osteopath, you can contact Alan here Alan Coles Osteopathy

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