Alex Witt

Alex Witt Rides 365km for Charity

Alex Witt Rides 365km for Charity

We're very proud to have supported Alex Witt in his epic 365km ride to raise money for charity.

Riding a Handsling A1R0evo, Alex completed a route around Oxford, SW London and the outskirts of Reading and Swindon in about 12 hours at a rapid 30kph average speed. It was double his longest ever ride! 

The ride comes a year after Alex sustained life-changing injuries in a cycling incident. He was hit by a bus near Kew Village while on a training ride and to this day has restricted use of his left arm. Each 1km of the ride represents a day since surviving the incident - 365km for 365 days. 

Alex is raising funds for the British Heart Foundation, a charity that is personally important to him and his family. 

He said: “I face challenges on a daily basis as a result of these injuries. This ride was to prove that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, both mentally and physically, even if my left arm works like a T-Rex’s.

“Ever since the accident, I’ve struggled to shake the sense that I drew resources from those who needed it most. I’m trying to set the record straight and fund research into a disease that has touched me and my family several times.”

We were happy to help Alex by making an A1R0evo available soon after he recovered from his accident, allowing him to get in vital training over the winter months. We also provided maintenance advice and spare parts when required. 

For more information on Alex and to make a donation, please visit his Just Giving page at

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