canti cross frame

Canti Cross Frame - the CXC

Canti Cross Frame - the CXC

We are very excited about the imminent launch of a brand new disc brake cyclocross frame called the CEX.

The bike industry will tell you that demand for cyclocross frames is all about disc brakes nowadays but it would appear that there is still demand for a good canti bike.

The Handsling Bikes CXC is going strong. We have just had an order for a very special red and black frame.

We produced this beauty recently.

And here's the latest custom painted frame to arrive... Beautiful isn't it?

Paul Hopkins and I both still ride the CXC as our cross bike of choice. It is a great frame and very versatile.

Paul recently raced the Battle in the Bowl on his. Follow the link to read his exploits. 

As if that wasn't enough, he then took on the 100 mile cyclocross extravaganza that is the CX Century, riding the length of the South Downs...

Here's Paul in full cyclocross action (Photo courtesy of John Mullineaux).

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