Former elite mountain biker Liam Munn joins Handsling

Former elite mountain biker Liam Munn joins Handsling

Handsling has appointed former elite mountain biker Liam Munn as Production Manager.

Liam's responsibilities include quality control on completed bikes, workshop training, maintaining production standards, and designing new products.

A self-taught mountain biker from a young age, Liam quickly established himself as a contender in downhill and four cross events. He spent several years as a sponsored racer, winning multiple National, European and World level events against the likes of Greg Minnaar.

Professionally, he started as a sheet metal work apprentice. He soon progressed to operating computer-controlled metal working machines, then writing programs for the machines to run. He also received CAD training, taking sketches and turning them into CAD models and 2D drawings to work from.

Keen to return to his cycling roots, Liam was instrumental in setting up a successful bike shop, tour and rental business in the Cayman Islands. He led a team that maintained a fleet of high-end bikes for the local cycling community.

He discovered Handsling when a cycling friend in the Caymen Islands raved about his A1R2 and A1R0evo road bikes. 

Now relocated to the UK, Liam has become a key part of the Handsling brand as it expands across road, track, gravel and cyclocross. His high-level experience of bike building and maintenance, coupled with his CAD qualifications, make him a key part of the team. 

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