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HSC Ceramics bottom brackets, bearings and pulleys

HSC Ceramics bottom brackets, bearings and pulleys

We offer a range of ceramic bottom brackets, ceramic bearings and pulleys to enhance your bike.

These carbon pulleys are a great addition to pimp your ride. We've been testing these thoroughly over the last winter and early season. They are tough, smooth and lightweight.

They are easy to install and last really well.

Our external bottom brackets are available in an array of colours to match your bike.

We offer a fantastic conversion for frames with BB30 bottom brackets that wish to run 24mm Shimano or SRAM chainsets. It uses external bearings and is a much tougher installation that the Delrin spacers other companies employ.

Lastly, the BB86 and BB386 standard are increasingly popular and the HSC Ceramics BB86 and BB386 press fit bottom brackets are superb. We spec them in all of the fully built bikes that leave here.

For full prices check out the Handsling Bikes website here.



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