Mike's Mind Blown by the A1R0

Mike's Mind Blown by the A1R0

The A1R0 frame took a long time to source. I was very specific about what I wanted, such as a truly aero frame but with normal brakes, not aero-brakes hidden behind the forks or under the bottom bracket.

Even then we had to make a few tweaks to perfect it as well, such as a brand new, stiffer fork. Given all that, it doesn't surprise me that people think it's a good frame.

Mike's reaction was typical when he borrowed a test bike to try out the frame.

He WhatsApp'ed me, saying:

"Omg. The A1R0 is awesome. It feels so light and mega responsive."

He certainly looked happy in the photos he sent...

"As soon as you turn the cranks it go go go goes", he continued.

He then took it to the pub, as you do with something you like...

Later that day, he was asked on Facebook how it compared to his Giant, to which he simply replied, "It's a different world".

It reminds me of when the owner of Viva Velo cycling holidays received his custom RR1 and quickly implied that it outperformed his Canyon SLX.

Now we all know it's all about the legs, not the bike...

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