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Handsling Aero Bar gives A1R0evo a Time Trial edge

Handsling Aero Bar gives A1R0evo a Time Trial edge

Have you ever thought about riding your A1R0evo in a time trial or triathlon?

One of the keys to a fast time is getting an aerodynamic position while maintaining the riding comfort essential for sustained power outputs.

This is where the brand new Handsling Integrated Race Tri Bar comes in. 

Aero Gain

The clip-on carbon-fibre triathlon bar is manufactured specifically for use with Handsling Integrated Race handlebars, which we fit as standard to the A1R0evo.

While they won't turn the A1R0evo into a dedicated TT or Tri bike, they will massively improve your position and riding speed without having to fork out on a new machine. 

Spec and Fit 

The one piece carbon fibre wishbone extension provides comfortable hand holds across its full range. The extension is reach adjustable fore and aft. It's supplemented by a one piece carbon arm rest, which follows the modern pattern of elbows close together to aid aerodynamic positioning.

The tri bar is designed to be fitted via a height adjustable aluminium spacer stack and aluminium mounting plate, which helps dissipate any forces across a wider section of the carbon race bar. 


We've been testing them on flat sections of road near our Hampshire workshop. The results are very positive with higher recorded average speeds and much greater comfort in the aero tuck position. One of the biggest benefits will be for riders competing in ultra-distance races where an aero gain at no cost to comfort has a huge impact of long distances. 

The bike pictured was ridden in Ironman UK 2021. 

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