Visualise your ride with the new Handsling bike builder

Visualise your ride with the new Handsling bike builder

The bigger and better Handsling online bike builder is now live, allowing you to design and spec your dream bike.

With 15 frame colours and multiple options on both components and finishing kit, every Handsling A1R0evo that leaves the workshop is unique in some way.

We wanted to improve our customer experience to give you as accurate a picture as possible of what you'll be riding away with on new bike day.

See a video of the builder at work here

Phase one of the A1R0evo builder in now live, allowing you to see the bike change in appearance and price as you select colour, groupset, wheels, and tyres. Future enhancements will see saddle and bar tape change with selection.

What would a flame orange A1R0evo look like with tan wall Vittoria tyres, deep section Parcours Chrono wheels, and a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset? See the bike come to life on the builder (as shown above).

How much would it cost to add Handsling Integrated Tri bars for a TT-ready machine, a K-EDGE computer mount, a 4iiii power meter, or even a Classified Powershift hub for ultra-fast wireless gear changes? The builder shows the unit price and gives an overall cost before checkout.

Our team has worked tirelessly to replicate the frame colours as accurately as possible on the builder. After weeks of tinkering, we are now 100% happy with the match, even those with 'colour flips' that change in sunlight (see Blueberry frame below). 

Bike builder

When it comes to components, we wanted to provide as broad a range as possible, while ensuring they are products we had tested ourselves for performance and reliability. We have full confidence in the tyre, wheel, saddle and groupset options on the builder.

Once customers have checked out, our team gets in touch to confirm choices, gear ratios and bike sizing. The next step is the start of the build, when one of our Cytech-qualified technicians hand-assembles the bike at our UK workshop.

We plan to roll out the builder across the two remaining models - the CEXevo for cyclocross/gravel and the TR3evo for track - before introducing new time trial, track and gravel frames as they are launched. 

No two people are the same, and their bikes shouldn't be either. Now customers can design and visualise their bike before riding away just two weeks later. 

See the A1R0evo builder HERE

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