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Why Handsling Bikes?

In 2012 the Handsling Team riders rode the superb Trigon bicycles. Coming from the usual, better known and more established brands, we didn't know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by these cut price superbikes - in fact it's fair to say that they managed to completely blow our minds; they were that good. The stiff and comfortable no-nonsense frames were of exceptionally high quality, yet were considerably cheaper than other similarly specced products. But when you realise that Trigon, and Taiwanese companies like them were at that time producing most of the world's carbon frames for just about every brand you can name, it's no wonder their own brand bikes were good. 

For 2015 our team riders wanted to take it one step further, so we went direct to an OEM in Shenzen Provice, China, where many of the big Taiwanese companies had now their production facilities and over 90% of the world's carbon frames are produced. We found a reputable supplier who was willing to work with us and supply quality wheels and race frames. Initially our intention was simply kit out our team riders, but once we rode the bikes we knew we were onto something good - the bikes are simply astounding.
Working in the bicycle press, we get to ride a fair few bikes now and then. Over many years we've built up a good idea of what makes a decent bike frame and carbon is the ideal material for making a performance frame. Having started racing in the days of steel frames and been through the reign of aluminium, we know that no other material can be manipulated in the way carbon can to produce such positive performance and such low weights. Don't get us wrong - we love riding steel frames; and we have a huge soft spot for aluminium frames; plus who doesn't love a titanium frame? It's just that carbon is the best material if you want to ride fast, whether that be racing or setting a time in a sportive.
So Handsling Bikes was born, a collection of carbon frames that we have ridden and we rate. Although we have access to a large catalogue of frames, wheels and parts, we only sell the items we really rate and ride ourselves. The frames you see here are those our team riders race - and feedback from our experienced team riders is very important in allowing us to choose only the best kit.

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