DAS-Handsling gets their 2023 season underway

DAS-Handsling gets their 2023 season underway

DAS-Handsling lining up for the Setmana Ciclista race

The season has barely started, but team DAS-Handsling has already got two UCI races in the legs.

Riding their A1R0evo road bikes, the girls kicked off with the one-day Clasica de Almeria in Spain, where Monica Greenwood (below) came home in an excellent 20th position. Read her blog on the race HERE

Monica Greenwood finishes top 20

Next up was the Setmana Ciclista Valenciana world tour race, held over four gruelling stages in Valencia, Spain.

Five DAS-Handsling riders came home at the end of a tough 480km race featuring world class opposition. Highlights included Monica finishing top 20 on stage one. 

DAS-Handsling compete in the Setmana Ciclista race

The races are a brilliant way to start the season's training and provide a shot of confidence in meeting their 2023 targets. The team is also racking up all important UCI points. 

DS Simon Howes, said: "To have five riders at the end of such a brutal race was amazing. The girls rode themselves into the ground and produced a fantastic result that they can all be proud of."

DAS-Handsling celebrate at the end of the race

The races demonstrate the A1R0evo's performance at elite level - climbing well in the hills, being in the mix for the sprint, and surviving crashes with nothing more than scratches.

A1R0evo road bike

Handsling is committed to supporting the growth of women's cycling and giving talented young riders a platform to compete at elite level. Handsling is supplying A1R0evo road bikes, CEXevo gravel/cyclo-cross bikes and TR3evo track bikes, with a new TT frame soon to be released. 

The DAS-Handsling jersey is available to buy in men's and women's fits HERE

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