Handsling partners with New Motion Labs to stock Enduo Track drivetrain

Handsling partners with New Motion Labs to stock Enduo Track drivetrain

Exciting news for track cyclists seeking to gain those vital seconds - Handsling will be stocking the world's fastest drivetrain. 

We've teamed up with New Motion Labs to stock its Enduo Track drivetrain as an upgrade for the TR3evo

The drivetrain features New Motion Labs' Enduo technology - also known as dual engagement. It uses a sprocket and chainring design that enables roller-chains to transfer power on both sides of a tooth, leading to massive increases in efficiency and speed.

The UK-based company calls it the biggest breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century. Its lab testing shows a seven watts gain from the drivetrain compared to the best alternatives on the market, plus a 50% saving on drivetrain losses compared to the most popular setup at the 2020 Olympics.

The upgrade will add extra speed to the already high-velocity TR3evo. The frame was recently ridden to the second fastest ever time (4:29) at the TTown outdoor velodrome in the US. 

Fitted to the TR3evo, the Enduo Track certainly looks the business and promises huge efficiencies in racing conditions. The chainring sizes range from 50 to 70 teeth, while the sprocket sizes are 14, 16, 18 and 20. 

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