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Handsling partners with Viva Velo for Mallorca cycling tour

Handsling partners with Viva Velo for Mallorca cycling tour

With its breathtaking scenery and legendary climbs, Mallorca is one of the world’s top cycling destinations. Now Handsling riders have the opportunity to enjoy an all-inclusive Mallorca training camp at an exclusive price.

Handsling has partnered with Viva Velo Cycle Tours to offer a five-night tailored cycling trip from April 19-24, 2023. The rides will feature a mixture of iconic destinations including Sa Calobra, as well as routes that go off the beaten track via the island's hidden gems.

Tailored to the group’s needs, the tour includes four-star hotel accommodation in Puerto d’Alcudia, airport transfer, and half board food and drink. Viva Velo provides knowledgeable ride leaders who cater to different abilities and levels of experience. The company's founder Dyll Davies is himself a Handsling A1R0evo rider. 

A special price of £595 per person is available exclusively to people riding a Handsling bike during the trip. Price is based on twin occupancy hotel stay. A minimum of 15 people is required, with bookings to be confirmed by December 24, 2022.

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