Handsling Joins the Shifting Revolution with Classified Powershift Rear Hub

Handsling Joins the Shifting Revolution with Classified Powershift Rear Hub

Handsling is all about creating the best riding experiences. So when new-kids-on-the-block Classified released a drivetrain that promises to transport us to a new world of shifting, it immediately caught the eye.

The Classified Powershift is re-writing the rulebook by doing away with the front derailleur while retaining the functionality of 2x. A two-speed shifting system is integrated in the rear hub, allowing riders to shift wirelessly between two ratios.

Two big advantages leapt out at Handsling; the promise of lightening fast gear shifting, and the ability to change under bigger power outputs than with a set of chainrings. 

Handsling is to join established brands such as Rose and Ridley in offering the Classified Powershift as an upgrade. It will be fitted as an option to the A1R0evo road bike and the CEXevo gravel bike (pictured). 

What Are The Advantages?

Wireless technology and ability to shift rapidly under massive power outputs are standout features. Classified says shifting takes 150 milliseconds under loads of up to 1,000 watts. 

Imagine riding up to a steep gradient and effortlessly shifting down without any disruption to your cadence or power output. 

The system is an exciting option for riders who want the clean design of 1x (but not the big gear jumps) and want the gear ratio range of 2x. Less chain crossing is required than a standard 1x, meaning chain tension, crank and hub bearing losses are lower.

Classified says the Powershift is of equal or lighter weight than a traditional electronic groupset due to the absence of front mech and chain ring.

Rear Wheel Integration 

Initially Classified hubs will be built on the Handsling Offset Tubeless Ready wheels. These are light and aerodynamic for road use, but can also take punishment off-road. 

The wheels are laced around a Classified hubshell that fits a Powershift hub. The hub can be separated from the hubshell, allowing the rider to use multiple wheelsets in combination with a single hub.

Classified cassettes are made out of one-piece steel and are designed to fit the driver interface of the Powershift hub. The cassettes are available in two types, 11 and 12 speed, compatible with rear derailleurs of SRAM and Shimano. 


Tom Boonen tried unsuccessfully to break the hub and then went on to invest in the company, which is a big endorsement from a former world champion and legend of the monuments.

Handsling has seen a lot of changes for the better in the bike market over the years - disc brakes, tubeless tyres, electronic shifting. It's exciting to be part of an innovation that offers Handsling customers a host of benefits. 

Stay tuned for the official release of the Classified-equipped Handsling A1R0evo and CEXevo when the price tag and options will be revealed.



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