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The versatile, UCI approved Handsling CEXevo is tough, light and durable, ideal to cope with the rigours of cyclocross racing and gravel adventures. Designed in-house, the CEXevo frame is an evolution of the championship winning CEX. Improvements include higher grade carbon and changes to the layup used in both headtube and bottom bracket shell, resulting in a laterally stiffer frame while maintaining comfort levels.

Frame Production: Handsling owns the moulds used to make the CEXevo, allowing more control over the production process. Internal EPS moulds are used for increased carbon compaction, making the frame lighter, stiffer and more robust.

The CEXevo is made from high performance yet durable Toray T800 series carbon. The frame stiffness means it climbs well, while its light weight makes it easy to carry over obstacles or run with when the going gets really tough.  


Clearance: The CEXevo has excellent tyre clearance both front and rear, and with 33mm cyclocross tyres fitted there is plenty of clearance to cope with even the muddiest of days. Maximum tyre size is 40mm, meaning plenty of room to fit gravel tyres. 

Comfort: Flexibility is built into the frame thanks to long, narrow seat stays, which result in improved comfort levels that leave the rider fresher over long rides and for that sprint to the finish line. This flexibility also aids rear wheel traction on loose ground.

Handling: Relaxed geometry and a long wheel base offers stability to carry the rider quickly and with more confidence down descents, and yet the CEXevo still climbs with speed and efficiency. 

Frame weight: 870g for a 52cm frame. Front fork weight is 370g.

Builds marked In Stock means groupsets are available and the bike is ready to be custom built to rider size and spec. 

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