Handsling to launch lightweight version of A1R0evo road frame

Handsling to launch lightweight version of A1R0evo road frame

Handsling is developing a lightweight version of the in-house designed A1R0evo road frame.

The new frame will be manufactured using Toray T1100 carbon, compared to the T800 used on the current model.

Dubbed the A1R0evoS, the frame will use a similar carbon layup to the existing A1R0evo. The main advantage is that less material is used with T1100 to achieve the same stiffness, resulting in a lighter frame. It weighs in at approximately 770g on the scales, saving nearly 200g on the standard version.

Weight of A1R0evoS

Both frames will be available to customers, with the A1R0evoS sitting at a higher price point that will be announced soon. The Toray T800 A1R0evo will remain our go to model due to its balance of weight, stiffness and durability. It was rated 9/10 by the review site Road.cc.

The A1R0evoS will be Handsling's first new frame release since the Covid 19 pandemic, when lockdowns and reduced working hours severely hampered product development.

Handsling boss Simon Whiten has been busy working behind the scenes with our engineer on several exciting new projects. In addition to the A1R0evoS, Handsling is preparing to launch a TT frame, a TR3evo track frame in size 61, two brand new track frames covering pursuit and sprint, and a gravel racer.

Prototypes for all these frame are now in testing ahead of UCI-approval. They will soon be available for pre-order on the website.

Email us on sales@handslingbikes.com to register an interest. And click here for info on how we manufacture our frames. 

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