Handsling launches TSTRevo time trial frame

Handsling launches TSTRevo time trial frame

Get ready for Handsling's brand new speed machine - the TSTRevo time trial frame. 

First impressions... it's an absolute beast. Sleek and aggressive, you can't take your eyes off it. Everything about it shouts pure speed.  

Crucially, we designed the TSTRevo for the modern era of time trial and triathlon where comfort and adjustability are as important as aerodynamics and stiffness. 

The frame is now approved by the UCI, meaning we are taking pre-orders ahead of a January 2024 official launch. It will be available as frame only, or built up with Shimano Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 Di2 12spd groupsets, with the option of an upgrade to Classified Powershift rear hub shifter.

As an introductory offer, anyone ordering a full bike before January 2024 will receive a free 4iiii Precision 3+ single sided power meter. 


The race of truth

TSTR is shorthand for tester, the British nickname for a time trialist as they test themselves against the clock. And we predict some very fast times in the hands of everyone from Olympians gunning for the podium to club riders hammering out a new PB. 

A year in the making

As an independent brand, we're under no pressure to launch new models by specific deadlines. We took our time over the TSTRevo to get every aspect of the design, geometry and carbon layup just right. It was a lengthy and challenging process, but when you see the frame in the flesh, it makes it all worthwhile. 

As with all our frames, the TSTRevo is designed in house and exclusive to us. The frame is engineered and manufactured at the same facility in the Far East that makes the A1R0evo, A1R0evoS, TR3evo, CEXevo and the new TR2evoP and TR2evoS. We took all the experience we have built up from producing race-winning road, track and cyclocross frames and applied it to development of the TSTRevo. 

Racing in the modern era

Time trialling is about minimising your frontal area while maximising your power. In a race where every second counts, riders typically prioritise aerodynamics over everything else. But in the real world, other considerations come into play, particularly stiffness, stopping power, adjustability, and comfort.

We took many of the design principles that make our top-rated A1R0evo road bike such an assured ride and applied them to the TSTRevo. The result is a TT bike designed for real world racing against the clock in the modern era. 


Frame stiffness is integral to turning every watt of rider power into forward motion. The TSTRevo is manufactured using Toray T800 carbon. This is one of the best materials on the market, offering the perfect balance of weight, durability and stiffness. We beefed up the TSTRevo with extra carbon in certain key areas to enhance power transfer - headtube, bottom bracket area and chain stays.  

In addition, internal EPS moulds result in increased carbon compaction to make the frame even tougher and stiffer.


There's no doubt about it - the TSTRevo is a slippery customer. 

The frame utilises cutting edge aerodynamics to help you set that new personal best time. Every tube profile is aerodynamically optimised to cheat the wind in real world conditions, so that the frame works no matter where the wind is coming from.

The frontal area is kept to a minimum thanks to the short headtube, dropped seat stays, low slung base bar and the mono riser. Aerodynamic efficiency is further enhanced by a bladed aero seatpost, fully integrated hidden cables, and extensions that wrap around the forearms. 


Time trialling on a bumpy dual carriageway running 23c tyres inflated to 130psi is an uncomfortable, outdated way to ride a bike. This harshness can translate into fatigue and loss of power over long time trials and triathlons; for the latter, completing the bike leg with fresh legs for the run is essential. 

We designed the TSTRevo with all-day comfort in mind, incorporating aspects of the A1R0evo road bike that make it laterally stiff, yet vertically compliant. 

The TSTR has clearance for 32mm tyres. Running wider rubber at lower pressure on modern rims provides less rolling resistance, added grip and helps to smooth out the bumps, allowing the rider to focus on power application.

Another key design feature is the dropped seat stays. These help to decrease the size of the rear triangle, meaning the seat tube has greater room to flex, resulting in enhanced vertical compliance.  


Cockpit adjustability is key to a rider achieving the perfect position to reduce their frontal area, put down consistent power, and avoid fatigue over long distance.

The TSTRevo's bespoke carbon cockpit has extendable telescopic bars to adjust reach. These bars can be rotated inboard and outboard, allowing you to bring your hands closer together on the grips. The forearm cups can be adjusted laterally, while the mono stack can be raised or lowered. 

An extra long seat post is provided for adjusting your position, with ample room to move the saddle clamp fore and aft.  


The TSTRevo frame is disc brake only, affording huge stopping power and making the bike safer in adverse conditions when riding rolling TTs and hilly triathlons.  

Build options

We're offering the TSTRevo with a choice of the latest Shimano Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 Di2 12spd groupsets. The frame is designed to accommodate these modern groupsets with batteries strategically placed and any hoses/wiring hidden to retain a clean aero look.

There is also the option of a Classified Powershift upgrade, with a 1x chainset and a two-speed shifting system integrated in the rear hub, allowing riders to shift wirelessly between two ratios. While this system does away with the front derailleur for a possible aero gain, it retains the functionality of a 2x system. It opens up the possibility of lightning fast gear shifting and the ability to change under full load at higher power outputs than with a set of chainrings. 

There's no point putting extensive R&D into frame aerodynamics and stiffness if you then fit sub par wheels. That's why the TSTRevo comes with a choice of wheels by Surrey-based Parcours. They've put loads of research into rim depths, widths and profiles. We believe in the quality of their products. The range includes the 49/54mm deep Strade, the 77/86mm Chrono, the 83mm Chrono Max, the Disc, and the Powershift Disc.   


Look out for the TSTRevo in the hands of elite athletes racing time trial and non-drafting triathlon. Team GB medalist Simon Davis will be among the first to put the bike through its paces. It may even make an appearance at a certain event in Paris next summer. Stay tuned for upcoming videos, blogs and news alerts about the bike. 

Email the team on sales@handslingbikes.com for more information. 

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