PF30 & BB386 Press Fit Ceramic Bottom Brackets
PF30 & BB386 Press Fit Ceramic Bottom Brackets
PF30 & BB386 Press Fit Ceramic Bottom Brackets

PF30 & BB386 Press Fit Ceramic Bottom Brackets

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Press-Fit Bottom Brackets

High performance, reliable, smooth running ceramic bottom brackets from HSCER. 

As fitted to all Handsling bikes and as used by the Handsling Racing Team in road, cyclocross, gravel, and track bikes.

We have had some units last for 5 seasons.

PF30 / BB386EVO / ROTOR 3D 30mm


For fitting press fit (non-threaded) bottom bracket shells

Press-fit 30 shells with shell width of 68mm, 73mm, or 86.5mm, and shell internal diameter of 46mm

Compatible with various spindle sizes (axle) cranksets - 30mm, 24mm Shimano, 24mm SRAM, etc.

Bracket uses HSC hybrid ceramic bearings on special hardened races

Net weight ≈ 79 gram


PF30-386 (PF30 / OSBB shell for BB30 / BB386EVO)

PF30-24.24R (PF30 Adapter for Shimano HT II Road)

PF30-24.22R (PF30 Adapter for SRAM GXP Road)

PF30-24.24M (PF30 Adapter for Shimano HT II MTB)

PF30-24.22M (PF30 Adapter for SRAM GXP MTB)

PF30-PT-UT (PF30 Adapter for Campagnolo Ultra Torque)

PF30-PT-PT (PF30 Adapter for Campagnolo Power Torque)

BB386-24.24R (BB386EVO shell for Shimano HT II Road)

BB386-24.22R (BB386EVO shell for SRAM GXP Road)

BB386-CP-UT (BB386EVO shell for Campagnolo Ultra Torque)

BB386-CP-PT (BB386EVO shell for Campagnolo Power Torque)


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"I am blown away by the performance of the bike in all situations flats, descents, acceleration and even more astonished by the improvement in my climbing... friends are now questioning what has happened to their performance! In total transparency I tell them “it’s not me, it’s the bike”."

"I have finally today finished building my Handsling. I’m just back from its first ride. And WOW. What a great bike. So smooth yet fast and stiff. Can’t wait to get out and ride it some more over the weekend. You really have designed a great bike here. As I say blown away with how it rides. It rides as well maybe even slightly better than my S works tarmac haha."

"I was looking for a high-performance road bike for amateur races and triathlons, but also club rides and blasting around the local lanes. I just don’t get how they made A1R0evo so stiff and responsive, but also so comfortable. I went for 28c tyres and the bike ploughs through road debris and potholes. The ride is assured and comes alive when you’re going full gas.”

"Just wanted to follow up now that it's been almost six months since I received the A1R0evo, weather is starting to turn for the better and I have been able to get out and ride more consistently with the earlier sunrises. The new bike rides great! I've been having a blast and riding much faster on my solo training rides which the new rig. I am very pleased indeed."

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