A closer look at the 2022 Handsling CEXevo frame

A closer look at the 2022 Handsling CEXevo frame

The brand new CEXevo frames are now in the Handsling workshop ready to be built up into full bikes. These are our ultimate do-it-all frames with the versatility to race cyclocross at elite level, hit the gravel trails, or act as a tough-as-nails all-terrain tourer.

We have made some subtle tweaks to a winning formula to make the 2022 frame even better. 

Increased Fork Offset

The 2022 frame has a deeper bladed fork with a slightly increased rake. The fork offset is now 51mm, compared to 45mm on last year's fork. This results in a longer wheelbase that provides more stability at high speed, as well as greater toe clearance to the front tyre when making sharp turns. The deeper bladed fork provides an aero gain that's in keeping with modern design trends.

Handsling CEXevo Geometry

12mm Front Thru Axle

The 2022 fork has been re-designed for the increasingly standard 12mm thru axle. While we were big fans of the super stiff 15mm axle on the old fork, we couldn't ignore the convenience of having 12mm front and rear. It allows you to switch front wheels between different bikes without requiring end cap converters. All you need is a 6mm Allen key to remove the axle.

One of the mains qualities of the CEXevo is its versatility across cycling disciplines. We wanted riders to take advantage of that flexibility with easy wheel swaps. 

14 Limited Edition Colours

Our policy is to change the paint schemes for every production run, making each frame part of a very limited batch. For 2022, we went all out with the colours and finishes, introducing 14 new paint schemes.

There's always big demand for black bikes so we brought out three finishes. There's a classic gloss black, an 'oil slick' finish with a spectacular rainbow effect, and a 'gunmetal' that has a classy silvery sheen.

We resisted the temptation to re-release popular colours from the previous run, such as burnt orange. Instead we selected subtle variations that look just as good, as well as some brand new Handsling colours, including Petrol Pink.

Only one design stays the same - our Team Blue and Orange that pays tribute to Handsling Racing heritage. Check out the CEXevo frames here

Head to Gravel & Cyclocross Bikes for examples of the CEXevo built up with a wide range of groupsets, from Shimano Di2 to SRAM AXS to the gravel-specific Campagnolo Ekar.  Contact sales@handslingbikes.com for more info. 

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