Team GB's Sophie Lewis speaks to Handsling about sizing up on track

Team GB's Sophie Lewis speaks to Handsling about sizing up on track

Handsling is continuously getting feedback from our sponsored teams and riders on frame development. One of the biggest demands from our track riders was for a bigger frame option. You spoke, we listened. The result is the UCI-approved TR3evo track frame in size 61.

Why the need for bigger frames? We chatted to DAS-Handsling's Sophie Lewis, who represents Team GB had a standout Scratch race win at last year's UCI Track Champions League on her Petrol Pink TR3evo. 

On the road, Sophie rides a size 54 Handsling A1R0evo. Yet at the velodrome, she uses a size 58 TR3evo, which has a 58.3cm top tube length. You can see from the images how low she sets her saddle height. 

Sophie Lewis
Here she explains how the need to get low and aero (while complying with UCI regulations) influenced her frame size choice. 
"On the whole people tend to size up with a track frame, especially for bunch races and sprinters," she said. "The UCI limits how long your bike can be. This is measured by the distance between the front wheel axle and the front end of the handlebars, which can be no greater than 10cm. With aerodynamics playing such a decisive role in track racing, positions tend to be long and reasonably low. Riders also take maximum advantage of the 10cm rule. Due to this rule you aren’t able to put a much longer stem on a smaller frame as it will be over the UCI limit and a very long stem can effect the handling of the bike.
"This is why you may choose to size up with track frames as a longer top tube allows you to make your reach longer while still being within the UCI limits. It enables you to be in a more comfortable and aerodynamic as well as allowing you to get out of the saddle and sprint much more comfortably and effectively.

"You may also wonder why you don’t just put your saddle right back. This can have a massive effect on how the bike feels to ride as you end up effectively pedalling forwards, which a lot of people find uncomfortable and can affect your power output. You have to remember that saddle position and bike positions are a complete personal preference and you have to find what’s right for you."
TR3evo size 61
There are now five sizes and 14 colours of the carbon frame, which is a unique design to Handsling. We're also launching the TR2evo in Sprint and Pursuit versions, which will also be available in size 61. Contact us on for more information. 

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