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Handsling bikes available with Parcours wheels

Parcours Strade fitted to A1R0evo road bike

A1R0evo Dura Ace with Parcours Strade wheels

Big news for fans of UK-made bicycles as two of the country's most exciting cycling brands join forces.

We're delighted to announce that Handsling is equipping A1R0evo road bikes and CEXevo cyclocross/gravel bikes with the Parcours range of carbon disc brake wheelsets.

Handsling customers have the option of fitting four of the Parcours high-end line up - Chrono, Strade, Ronda and Alta - depending on the bike they choose and the terrain they ride. Each of these models will be available with Classified Powershift technology. 

A1R0evo SRAM Red AXS with Parcours Strade wheels

Why Parcours? 

Parcours is a Surrey-based company that shares our passion for cycling excellence. We were impressed with their data-driven approach to developing rim profiles and optimising handling stability. 

Handsling conducted extensive research into choosing wheels that match the design and engineering quality of the bikes. The wheels are optimised for enhanced aerodynamics and improved handling stability, perfectly complementing the performance characteristics of Handsling’s race proven bikes.

CEXevo SRAM Force with Parcours Alta wheels

Wide rubber

Handsling frames were designed to offer the lightness, stiffness and aerodynamics to win races, but also the toughness and compliance for everyday riding. As such, frame clearance for wider tyres that boost comfort and traction is a key aspect of the Handsling design objective.

The UCI-approved A1R0evo has clearance for 32mm tyres, while the UCI-approved CEXevo has clearance for 43mm off-road tyres. This made it essential to fit them with Parcours wheels that are optimised to perform aerodynamically with wider tyres. 

Parcours Alta wheels on a CEXevo

The Parcours range

The Strade (lead image) is an ideal option for the A1R0evo road bike. Combining straight-line speed with stable handling, it has an internal rim width of 22.5mm and rim depths of 49mm (front) and 54mm (rear). Differential front and rear rim profiles were developed following wind tunnel research at Nottingham Trent University. 

The 68mm/75mm Chrono is aimed at A1R0evo riders seeking to optimise aerodynamic performance and speed in triathlon, time trial or crit races. 

The 35mm/39mm Ronde (below) is a lightweight do-it-all wheelset that is equally at home on mountain passes as cobblestone sections and gravel. It can be fitted to the A1R0evo as part of a lightweight climbing set up, or the CEXevo for cyclocross and fast gravel riding. The Strade, Chrono and Ronde are optimised for a 28-30mm tyre. 

The Alta wheelset (above) is a gravel and adventure wheel option for the versatile Handsling CEXevo. The 36mm/36mm hookless wheelset has a 24mm internal width, making it ideal for 38-45mm rubber, while the 28-spoke, two-cross pattern adds extra strength.

All of these wheel models are available with a Classified rear hub shell, ready to fit a Powershift hub. Learn more about the Handsling CEXevo Classified Powershift here

A1R0evo Ultegra Di2 with Parcours Ronde wheels

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