Shifting to a new cycling experience with the CEXevo Classified Powershift

Shifting to a new cycling experience with the CEXevo Classified Powershift

CEXevo Classified Powershift SRAM Force AXS

Look closely at the latest CEXevo to leave Handsling HQ and you'll notice a few special additions - a discreet button on the handlebars, a bar end charging port, an oversized rear hub, and a thru axle with in-built wireless receiver. It all makes for a riding experience like no other.

Classified shifter button

This is the CEXevo Classified Powershift SRAM Force AXS in see-it-to-believe-it Oil Slick paint colour. It's a lightweight yet rugged UCI-approved adventure bike that combines the simplicity and clean design of a 1x groupset with the functionality of a 2x drivetrain. 

Rear hub shifter

The Classified Powershift has a two-speed shifting system integrated in the rear hub (above), allowing riders to shift wirelessly between two ratios. 

Smooth and quiet gear change under massive power outputs creates a whole new riding experience. Antwerp-based Classified says shifting takes 150 milliseconds under loads of up to 1,000 watts. 

Charging port in bar end

Imagine being out on a trail ride, pedalling up to a steep, muddy gradient, and effortlessly shifting down without any disruption to your cadence or power output. We've tried it - and it's weirdly brilliant. 

Weight weenies fear not - Classified says the Powershift is of equal or lighter weight than a traditional electronic groupset due to the absence of front mech and chain ring.


Handsling aren't the only fans of the technology. Cycling legends Philippe Gilbert, Tom Boonen and Marcel Kittel liked the kit so much, they invested in the business. 

The Powershift is currently offered as an option on the CEXevo, Handsling's versatile carbon frame that can be set up for cyclocross, gravel or as an an all-road endurance bike. Riders can benefit from a wide range of gears without a front derailleur clogged up with muck. 

Handsling will soon be introducing Powershift options on the A1R0evo road bike and a soon-to-be-released TT bike. Watch this space for details. 

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