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Canti Cross Frame - the CXC
canti cross frame

Canti Cross Frame - the CXC

We are very excited about the imminent launch of a brand new disc brake cyclocross frame called the CEX. The bike industry will tell you that demand for cyclocross frames is all about disc brakes ...

carbon cross frameAlan's Handsling Bikes CXD Update

Alan's Handsling Bikes CXD Update

I’ve now had the opportunity to properly test the performance of the CXD in a couple of proper, full-on modders – the kind of races where rear mechs are at risk of breaking, wheels can grind to a h...

Barry's Custom Handsling Bikes CXC

We recently supplied this custom painted cyclocross frame - the Handsling Bikes CXC - for cantilever brakes to Barry. He wanted this stunning blue and red combination whilst leaving the rear end a...

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