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Viva Velo RR1
carbon road frame

Viva Velo RR1

Another beautiful custom painted RR1, this time for the owner of cycling holiday company, Viva Velo. Dyll wanted to significantly raise the front end of the bike to start with, so we used Deda's ex...

carbon road frameVCL RR1


One of the nicest looking frames we have produced is this RR1 for Thomas from Velo Club Londres.  The subtle tones of the blue and red work well with the black carbon to produce a stunning overall...

A1R0A1R0 Maiden Win

A1R0 Maiden Win

Super sprinter, Matt Wallis, put his speed to good use to claim the maiden victory for the Handsling Bikes A1R0.  He threw his bike across the line with impeccable timing after a late surge round ...

A1R0New Frames on the Block

New Frames on the Block

Handsling Bikes was recently featured on new website The Domestique CC. Follow the link to check out the article.    

A1R0Irish A1R0 Triathlon Frame

Irish A1R0 Triathlon Frame

"The adventure begins Ohio via Washington and then North Carolina for college. Goodbye for now Ireland." So said Evan Flynn as he set off from Ireland to study Biochemistry at Queens University of ...

A1R0Mike's Mind Blown by the A1R0

Mike's Mind Blown by the A1R0

The A1R0 frame took a long time to source. I was very specific about what I wanted, such as a truly aero frame but with normal brakes, not aero-brakes hidden behind the forks or under the bottom br...

A1R0A1R0 as a Time Trial Bike

A1R0 as a Time Trial Bike

Although it is primarily designed as an aero road race bike, the A1R0 makes a pretty capable time trial bike by all accounts. This one lapped the challenging Richmond Park lap in under 16 minutes o...

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